By Walking On Water Surf
and Supported by The Mind Lab by Unitec

5 Session Surf Programme combining Surfing, Cross Training, Film Editing and Creative media specifically designed to encourage and inspire great characteristics in girls from ages 8 to 12.

Hours of Learning

Next intake can book in for the School Holidays

16th to the 22 April for Surf Sessions

Film making in the Mind Lab Thursday April 26th 10-5pm



Surf boards, Wetsuits & Film footage provided

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    7 x Surf Coaching Sessions

    Beginner to Intermediate Surfer.

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    All Surf Gear provided

    Wetsuits and a variety of different sized Surfboards to try

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    5 Levels of Surfing

    From safety and the basics to Turns, Speed, Tricks. Stronger Paddling, Faster Pop up

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    Mindset for Surfing

    Courage and Resilience and how to improve.

Cross Training

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    Land Based Training

    Smart ways to train for faster surfing progression

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    Cross Training Gear Provided

    Skateboards, land drill objects

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    Building Community

    Facilitating positive, supportive interactions within the programme.


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    6 hr Mind Lab Session

    Students given tools to create healthy portrayal of women in sport through static images and film.

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    Surf Video Editing

    Video Content from the Surf & Cross training elements provided.

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    Surf Poster

    Promoting positive lessons surfing teaches us & the good qualities in others.

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    Team Building

    Projects worked on in small teams with a focus to bring out the best in each other.

The Girls Surf Programme will create opportunities for these young surfers to collaboratively explore future focused technology such as coding, film making, and graphics through a surf lens that encourages reflection, resilience and celebration.


We will aim to create a fun learning surfing experience creating a supportive learning environment for girls to thrive in, celebrating community and what is unique and special about each of our girls in a non competitive fun environment.

Ph. 022 313 0213

Walking on Water Surf aims to share the joy of surfing and draw lessons from surfing into a variety of contexts in life to inspire others to overcome difficult circumstances.

The Mind Lab aims to inspire the young thinkers, makers and doers of the future to begin on a path of innovation and creativity through science and technology.