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Yeew! One of the top 17 female surfers in the world -Lakey Peterson agreed to do an interview with me, thankfully we have a mutual connections that made this possible as well as the fact that Lakey is such a kind girl!

I interviewed Lakey whilst she was in our humbe hemisphere and just a few months before she won the American open of surfing! Super stoked for this lovely girl. Lakey is refreshing in her outward focus, she has great strength in her beliefs despite her young age & recent experience as a pro surfer. I see her as a good role model & it’s why I wanted to interview her.

Since our interview Lakey has also appeared in a film zero to 100, this showcases a little of her time on tour. My favourite part of the movie is 35.18 minutes in where she looses, she does what we all do at times and fully questions her ability “I suck, maybe I should do something else, go back to school” etc etc. But the film goes on and we see the rewards of Lakey’s persistence through her public losses & her triumphs, it is part of why I see her as a great role model.

Interview to come in all its glossy glory-raw version below.

Photos courtesy of Lakey’s sponsor Nike.

Lakey Peterson is sponsored by Nike and is in her rookie year on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour.

Lakey is 17, and is the first female to land the first-ever aerial in National Scholastic Surfing Association competition history. She is quickly moving through the ranks of the top 17 female surfers in the world. I caught up with her while she was on tour in Australia.


LA: How did you get into Surfing?

LP:I learned to surf at Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia when I was five years old at the surf school there. After that I didn’t really pick it up again until I was 11 or so… Then I started doing contests and what not, and everything just fell into place.


LA: What does Surfing mean to you?

LP: Well… surfing is obviously a very important thing in my life right now. It is amazing, it takes me all over the world and I get to do what I love. But I feel like I am doing it for a bigger reason. I really want to get involved with charities and things and use my name and surfing to help raise awareness about them!


LA: Are there lessons from Surfing that have translated as lessons for life? Tell us about them.

LP: Yes, a lot of times people look at my life and just tell me “Wow Lakey you have the best life, you don’t have to do anything but go on vacation”. Ok yes, I do have an AMAZING life and I am beyond blessed. But surfing, to get to the top, requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


LA: What are you thankful for?

LP: EVERYTHING! Seriously I am blessed to live the life I live. There are people out there that don’t have families or food to eat. That is why I want to start getting involved with charities because everyone deserves to have happiness in their life, and we can help make more people happy.


LA:I noticed on your ASP profile you mention your inspiration is Jesus.

LP: To me I just feel like when I am close to God I am happier and nicer to people, and if I didn’t have him in my life I would feel so lost. I feel like I am in the surf industry for a reason and I just want to represent him. But I think that actions speak way louder then words in this situation.


LA: What might your actions be?

LP: So I just try and lead by example and if a time comes where someone wants to know more about Jesus then I will just say what I think should be said in that moment. I don’t really think about it before it happens I just live in the moment as much as possible.


LA: Who else inspires you?

LP: My brother and sister mostly. They are not surfers but they are just amazing people, I want to be more like them.


LA: What is in your heart to do with your life?

LP: Well right now my main focus is surfing. But like I have been saying I want to help people. Last summer we showed the movie I was recently in called “Leave A Message” by Nike at one of my local theatres and we gave all of the money to charity. We raised $16,000 for a charity called Hands For Others. Hands For Others builds wells and gets clean water to places in this world that don’t have water. That night we made enough money to build almost two wells, which will save about 4,000 peoples lives. That kind of stuff just feels so good to do! So I think I would love to do more things like that.



You are doing really well in your surfing, what advice would you give other young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

LP: I would just say don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something, because what I have learned is, if you truly want to do something you can.


LA: Tell us about some of the best experiences in your life?

LP: When I was five years old, my parents took my brother, sister and I around the world for seven and a half months. We went all over the place! It was times that I will never forget and it made my brother, sister and I so much closer.


LA: How do you deal with setbacks?

LP: I just know that everything happens for a reason and if I have a bad contest or something I just learn from it.


LA: What motivates you to keep pushing? 

LP:I love what I do. I really don’t need to be more motivated. I mean yes motivation is always good, but I love surfing and competing. Its not like I don’t want to be doing this.


LA: So passion for what you are doing is the driving force.

If you had a microphone to tell the world something what would you say?

LP:I would probably just tell everyone to just stop for a second, people are just go, go, go, all day long. Just take five minutes to look around and enjoy where you are or talk to another human being. Just take the time to enjoy life a little bit more. I think that’s what I would tell them. Because you never know what the next minute will bring.


LA: Anything you would like to add?

LP: Thank you everyone that supports me and what I do!! Xoxo

LA: For more on Lakey check out her Blog http://lakeypeterson.com/

For more about Hands for Others check out http://www.hands4others.org